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North Miami is a great place to set up business and work. It has a rich work culture, great weather, and is at a convenient location to access other places in America for business. Setting up an office in this place has turned out to be a success for most investors. Whether you are starting out or already have an established business, this place offers a great environment for your ventures to thrive. There are plenty of office spaces in this area but we’ve picked just 10 office locations we believe can make you profitable.

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Aventura Area

When you speak about Aventura the Aventura Mall comes to most minds. It’s the third-largest mall in the US yet it’s not the only place you can set up an office in this area. There are plenty more cool office spaces. Engage one of the private office space providers in the area or rent a building and build a flexible space for your business needs. Its central location – just twelve miles from South Fort Lauderdale and North of Miami – makes it right for most businesses. The beautiful high rises and homes offer great residential spaces for workers.

West Dixie Highway

West Dixie Highway is another place not short of office spaces and self-storage units. There are a lot of rental office spaces with quality furniture, high-speed WiFi, plus onsite amenities to facilitate your business operations. A great place to make the home for your business. Most office rentals come with flexible terms of operation. This area is strategically positioned with established businesses across all industries, offering networking opportunities.

Sunny Isles Boulevard

If you want to give your team a place to focus, thrive and grow, then Sunny Isles Boulevard

is that spot. Your office will be close to a resort community with uniquely designed office buildings (both on the exterior and interior). Sunny Isles Boulevard is also close to beaches, stylish cafeterias, and the generally good Florida weather. You are exposed to a vibrant community, an inspirational location to build an instant presence for your office work.

Ives Dairy Road

Ives Dairy Road is another prime business location. It’s packed with executive suits with direct access to the streets. You can set up anything from private day offices, business support centers, conference meetings, and day-to-day business operations. This area is centrally positioned and has access to the great Miami area. Most places are only a few minutes away like parks and recreation facilities, major shopping centers, and both local and nationwide transport systems. This area offers an ideal environment for startups and growing businesses to thrive.

Biscayne Boulevard

Biscayne Boulevard is a geographic hub situated centrally and easily accessible through local bus services. Within a walking distance, you can access several amenities like banking institutions, fitness centers, eateries, shopping outlets, and gas stations. It takes about 10  minutes to drive to Miami International Airport from this location. So if your business undertakes road and air trips you can count on Biscayne Boulevard to be an ideal place for your office.

Northeast 123 ird Street

Find day offices, meeting facilities, private offices, parking, and business centers in the prime area of Northeast 123 ird Street. There’s plenty of executive buildings with well-thought-out management structures and properly equipped to effectively handle office work. The location is easily accessible from all corners of the Miami area. There are also residential apartments where your staff can live and have access to their work in time.

W Hallandale Beach

Looking to work up close with the beach? There’s plenty of executive office spaces within the W Hallandale Beach area. You can get shared office spaces, already furnished private offices, rental office property you can turn into a full-fledged business, and more. They come in all sizes for all budgets. The best part is that they offer flexible payment options. There are many streets and roads you can use to move around town. But transport is quicker on the Express Toll Road on the west.

MIA Professional Center

If your work needs an office space close to an airport, then MIA Professional Center is the prime location for you. That would include but not limited to any business that targets travelers, import-export trade, and other travel products and services. As you might tell, most of this area has commercial property rather than residential property. But the neighborhood all around fills this gap with apartments and condos for workers to live – less than 10-minute drives. And the road network is equally as good.

North Miami Beach

North Miami Beach is one of the most popular office locations. It falls in between Fort Lauderdale and Miami and is very accessible from all corners of South Florida. You have plenty of office buildings with some shearable at affordable costs. Others are for leasing and you can turn them into whatever business design you want. There are plenty of rental apartments and condominiums where you can live. By the end of the day, you get a perfect location, with a good climate, and environment for a successful business.

Golden Glades

In Golden Glades, you get anything from rental offices, offices to lease, and others for sale. It’s accessible from all ends of North Miami and 15 minutes away from the Miami International Airport. The road networks are good being centrally positioned among other towns and next to the expressway in the north. It’s a mix of urban and suburban, providing business opportunities for everyone. Shared offices are well equipped with several taking in hundreds of people at any given time.

Look for Quality Furniture for Your Office in North Miami

North Miami office furniture is important for your growing business. We are located in a beautiful part of the world and it’s important that you have access to the best office furniture at an affordable price with a fast turn around.When you decide it’s time to move into a new office, make sure you design it properly for your employees as well as clients. Furniture is an important part of the whole process and Office Furniture Warehouse is ready to supply you with those. We’ve made the purchase process easy and you can visit our Miami office anytime.


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